Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

As many of you know, I’m an AVID traveler and aspiring chef. Most recently, I had the fortune of visiting Hong Kong for work. While Hong Kong offers a highly varied array of international cuisine options, the absolute must-do when visiting is a traditional Dim Sum experience.

As I was wandering around Wan Chai, I stumbled into the most INCREDIBLE dum sum restaurant I’ve ever been to. It’s called the Lin Heung Tea House in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. You can read the reviews on Open Rice here.

From the moment you step into the restaurant, you felt as if you’d arrived into a traditional dim sum restaurant from 100 years ago. It’s a bit hectic inside – when you arrive, you need to fight for space at one of the many shared tables alongside other parties. The waiter then comes over and takes your tea order and pours a bowl of hot water which you use to clean your dishes.

To get food, you have to chase the cart ladies down as they walk around the restaurant. Each time you pick an item, they would stamp your card. Then on the way out, you bring the card to the register and take care of your tab!



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